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If you are looking for a more efficient way to take care of your employees, then you’ve come to the right place. At PassioHR, your people are our passion, and we want to make sure they get all the benefits and services they deserve from a robust and committed HR department. We know you don’t care for your employees any less just because you don’t have the resources for an in-house HR department. Let us help you engage and inspire your employees, whether they share a physical office or a virtual workspace. 

Located in the Inverness area between Park Meadows Mall and the Centennial Airport, you can conveniently access PassioHR’s office from I-25, C-470/E-470, and Arapahoe Road. We are your local Denver PEO company, and we’re ready to help you care for, inspire, and support your employees. Please call 303-221-0558 or email us today to learn how our innovative approach to HR can benefit your employees and your budget.  

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Affordable, Effective, Attractive PEO Services in Denver

Economies of scale let large corporations offer a suite of benefits to entice and retain talented people. Our innovative approach to PEO services lets you offer a competitive package of benefits with a personal touch that is unique to your company’s culture.  

Compassion and Engagement

Compassion and engagement matter more than ever in an economy where employees don’t want to stay in a job that makes them miserable. That’s why our approach to PEO services includes: 

Efficient Services

We can supply everything your company needs, and all that your employees want, without unnecessary overhead. You’ll get efficient services that are customized for your company and personal for your personnel.

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Employee Engagement

At PassioHR, we offer our exclusive Elevated Engagement Plus Approach™. We know that employee engagement is one of the most important aspects of HR, but it’s also one of the most elusive. We take a cost-effective approach to employee engagement. This means taking the time to truly listen to people and learn their needs, wants, and aspirations. Then we do what we can to help you align your company’s goals with your employees’ goals. Getting everyone committed to the same vision leads to innovation and energy that drives success. 

HR Consulting

Every team is made of people, so every team needs a people person to make sure everyone works, and everyone stays happy with the work. Let us be your people person. Our human resource experts can help you tackle your toughest HR problems, bringing tact, talent, and expertise to bear. We know how to bring levity to a weighty situation without undermining the gravity of the issues. We are committed to compassion and compromise. Whether you need us to deal with one situation or want full-time engagement, we devise solutions that entice people to buy in so that all team members can be happy and productive.  

HR Compliance

It can be hard to focus on your business if you feel like the government is constantly breathing down your neck. We’ve got your back and can handle all the necessary aspects of keeping track of HR requirements. With our forward-looking approach, we can help you adapt proactively to a changing HR environment, so you’re never taken by surprise when new requirements arise. 

Payroll Services

You want to be more than just a paycheck to your employees, but you still need to deliver those paychecks. We utilize the most advanced payroll technology to offer simple but robust payroll services. We can process even complicated payroll requirements with ease, and report everything in real time so you never have to worry: your people “magically” receive accurate paychecks, on time every time.  

Employee Benefits

The benefit of benefits isn’t just about the money for employees. There’s an ethos of caring that helps to bring in potential hires and retain existing employees. With our Elevated Engagement Plus Approach™. PassioHR can find the right love language that lets your company communicate with the kind of people you want to hire. Then we put together a custom package of benefits that brings everyone together.  


These days, it’s especially hard to find people with the talent, training, and experience you need who also fit into your company’s culture. PassioHR knows how to help you avoid the expensive mistake of hiring the wrong person for a job. And we can handle all the nuts-and-bolts aspects of recruiting, too. This includes:  

Just tell us what you need, and we’ll figure out who to call.  

401(K) Retirement Programs

No matter how much your people love their jobs, nobody wants to be doing this forever. Everyone wants to at least semi-retire at some point. You can help your employees plan for this bittersweet day by offering a 401(K) retirement plan that’s the easiest way for them to save for retirement. We handle everything: educating employees about their benefit options and legal limits, then handling deductions and match contributions effortlessly.  

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Why Choose PassioHR as Your PEO Company

We understand: you know all your employees’ names, and you know what they need. Now you want to finally be able to give it to them without bankrupting your company or adding more tasks to your overcrowded days. In fact, you’d love to move things like payroll and HR off your plate.  


Elevated Engagement Plus Approach™

PassioHR is a PEO company made just for business owners and managers like you. We design benefits packages that you can sign off on, knowing that you have to look the recipients in the eye afterward. Plus, we can handle payroll, HR concerns, legal compliance, and more. Most importantly, we do it all on a budget that you can accommodate in your company’s revenue. 

We utilize our Elevated Engagement Plus Approach™ to make sure our HR solution is comprehensive and efficient. We take the time to understand your specific goals and current challenges. Then we learn about your current workforce dynamic and company culture. This knowledge helps us create a customized HR program that encompasses employee engagement, benefits, improved communication, risk management, results tracking, and other elements you need to take your company to the next level.