PEO Solutions and Human Resources Consulting

“My company has been a client of Passio HR for over 10 years, and they have consistently done an incredible job of providing core services like payroll, benefits, employee handbooks, personnel management and more. They have also helped us navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape with virtually no disruption to our business. The bottom line is that Passio HR manages all of those things that would otherwise be immensely complex, time-consuming, and expensive for our business, which leaves us to run our business without the associated liability, costs, and headaches. As a business owner and operator, Passio’s value to us cannot be overstated.”

– Paul L. – CEO

“We are a medical practice that has been with Passio HR for over two years. This is the best business decision we have made. Not only are they nice and friendly, they also have shown exceptional insight and expertise about standards.

From the beginning, our experience was nothing but positive. The transition from the previous PEO was smooth. The customer service has been second to none. We are treated as if we are their most valuable customer. We have razor thin profit margins, and this has actually turned in to a cost saving decision. We have received beyond our money’s worth.

The personal touch is amazing from this professional and knowledgeable staff. We highly encourage anyone to use Passio HR as we are extremely happy with our choice of PEOs.”

– Susan S. – Owner