Employee Engagement

Understanding Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Is Changing the Name of the Game

Gone are the days of employees accepting a place as a simple cog in a machine. They expect value in their work beyond the monetary. That’s where employee engagement comes in. We understand the “something more” that so many in the workforce are searching for today, and we focus on working with you to nurture the right people to their highest possible level of work fulfillment.

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Understanding Employee Engagement

There are many pieces to the employee engagement puzzle, and it’s no stretch to say that everything we do touches employee engagement on some level. After all, employees aren’t going to be thrilled to come into work every day if you’re serving them up a lackluster benefits program. But the part of employee engagement that brings the most impact is the intangible – the hidden “it” factor that can only be picked out with expertise and a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s needs as well as each individual employee’s needs, and where those two things intersect in the coolest ways.

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Where PassioHR Fits In

We understand that “it” factor and are dedicated to helping you implement an employee engagement plan that focuses on:

The idea of employee engagement is uncharted territory for a lot of employers, and we get that. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got a couple of options to consider, and we can build on these together.

Partnership Recruiting Service

Without proper recruiting, there’s no way to reap the rewards of employee engagement you deserve. You need the right people in the right spots on the team to make it all flow. Our Partner Recruiting Service helps clear the clutter of the nightmare-inducing stack of incoming applications and zone in quickly on the right candidates for you.


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Employee Engagement Considerations for a Remote Working Environment

The shift to a remote work environment has been positive in many ways, but it’s crucial that you make a concerted effort to keep your employees engaged and establish clear policies for your team to follow.

Premier Employer Services will work closely with you to identify the nuances of your workforce dynamic in order to recommend the right tactics to maintain high levels of employee engagement when your team is working remotely. This may include:

It’s also important to establish effective remote working policies that will clearly convey expectations to employees and establish proper protocols. You’ll need to create policies governing:

This last item is particularly important in a remote working environment. When boundaries aren’t clearly set, employees may feel obligated to start working at times that aren’t typically considered part of the work day. When some employees regularly respond to emails late at night or on weekends, others may feel pressured to do the same. It’s crucial that you guard against employees working too many hours since this creates the potential for burnout.

Passio HR can help you navigate these employee engagement challenges in order to maintain a strong culture and happy, productive employees.