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HR is one of the biggest challenges businesses face as they grow. It’s something a very small business can do without, but it becomes essential as a company grows. It’s hard to know when to add HR personnel, but it’s also challenging to have employees juggle HR on top of their main job. For most companies, HR is outside their core competencies, so you may not have anyone truly qualified to handle HR as a side job.

At the same time, HR problems can slow your company’s growth or even threaten your company’s existence. From managing HR compliance issues to optimizing your hiring searches to disciplinary actions to harassment or discrimination complaints, having a highly skilled HR department becomes mission critical.

That’s where PassioHR can help. Our HR personnel are experts in all aspects of HR. They are talented, well-trained, and passionate about resolving your HR concerns.

We can help you design and enforce policies that avoid future problems and keep everyone working happily and productively. Plus, our solutions are easily scalable to your needs, from the smallest companies to the largest. We’re a great solution for dealing with sudden growth in your company.

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Managing all the details and making sure your people are taken care of is not an easy balancing act. Between developing employee handbooks and employment policies, recruiting new employees, terminating team members who aren’t performing up to par, handling disciplinary actions and much, much more, there are a lot of places for things to slip through the cracks. Rather than let the pain of trying to juggle it all take over, let us help take those pains away.

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When you trust us with your HR needs, you can get back to focusing on what you’re best at. Meanwhile, you can have confidence that your people are getting the highest quality care behind the scenes with a wide range of HR consulting services, including:

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Setting Your Team Up for Success in a Remote Work Environment

The shift to a remote work environment brings a variety of benefits to your company, but there are also certain challenges that must be addressed. Safety can be a concern when employees set up a home office. Many of the steps taken to make an office environment compliant with safety regulations must also be performed when employees work from home.

While OSHA has declared it won’t inspect home offices (and doesn’t expect you to), this does not necessarily protect employers from liability for work-related injuries sustained in a home office. PassioHR can help you navigate regulations and ensure you take the proper actions necessary to provide your team with a compliant home work environment.

Benefits of Working with an Outside HR Consulting

hr consulting servicesWorking with outside human resources consulting at PassioHR offers many benefits for your company. With our Elevated Engagement Plus® Approach, we can offer you:

Sometimes HR problems seem impossible from inside your company. However, in some cases the answer becomes obvious when you take a step back and look at it from a distance. Our human resources consulting expertise gives us the distance that often makes solutions clear.

Our HR consulting services give you access to a wide range of experts on demand. When you are hiring HR personnel, you have access to a limited amount of expertise – they only know what they know. At PassioHR, we have a full range of HR experts, and we can find one who has expertise in the problems facing your company.

With our panel of HR consulting experts, we are able to offer comprehensive services to your company. In-house HR personnel might not be able to offer the same range of PEO services.

Plus, our HR consulting is scalable. You can contract for just the amount of HR consulting you need. If your business needs one-and-a-half HR people, we can easily supply that. We can also supply extra HR consulting when your need surges, then reduce your hours when the need decreases.

Our scalable solutions are especially useful when your company experiences sudden growth and needs help with a wave of hiring, onboarding, training, new procedures, and more.

When your company’s focus or needs change, you might suddenly have different HR needs, such as retraining, firing, hiring, or even unhappy employees to deal with. Our HR consulting experts can help your company shift effortlessly to its new goals.

Perhaps most important, PassioHR offers affordable HR consulting. With our scalable solutions and HR experts that resolve issues efficiently, you never pay for more HR than you need. This helps your company run as efficiently as possible to increase your competitive advantage.

Want to learn more about PassioHR and how our PEO services, including human resources consulting, can make your company more competitive? Please contact us online and tell us about your needs.