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Maybe your HR department needs a little more man power, or maybe you just need a bird’s eye view with extensive knowledge and insight into what really makes a top-notch HR team run or maybe you don’t have an HR team but need one. Whatever you may be looking for a little extra boost in, we have the HR consulting services to meet your needs and help you achieve your critical goals.

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Managing all the details and making sure your people are being taken care of is not an easy balancing act. From developing employee handbooks and employment policies to the recruitment process to hiring, firing, disciplinary actions and much, much more, there are a lot of places for things to slip through the cracks. Rather than let the pain of trying to juggle it all take over, let us help take those pains away.

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When you trust us with your HR needs, you can get back to focusing on what matters most – your people – and know they are getting the highest quality care behind the scenes with a wide range of HR consulting services, including:

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Setting Your Team Up for Success in a Remote Work Environment

The shift to a remote work environment brings a variety of benefits to your company, but there are also certain challenges that must be addressed. In particular, safety can be a concern when employees set up a home office. Many of the steps taken to make an office environment compliant with safety regulations must also be performed when employees work from home.

We’re going to start seeing OSHA regulations that will address making remote work spaces safe and compliant. PassioHR can help you navigate these regulations and ensure you take the proper actions necessary to provide your team with a compliant home work environment.