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The list of things that are begging for your attention as a business owner is pretty much never-ending. It’s easy to let HR compliance slide. Not only is it highly detailed work with its own bottomless pit of forms, it’s also something you likely never wanted to do when you started your business. It’s so complicated and so much outside your expertise that you might not even have a sense that you’re not actually complying with rules and regulations.

Unfortunately, failing to comply with HR regulations can put your business in big trouble. Expensive fines and liability payouts to current and former employees can stress your finances, and potentially even bankrupt your company. You’d love to turn this over to a dedicated employee, but the cost of hiring someone you feel you can trust with these issues can be prohibitive. You need an alternative solution that is affordable and reliable.

That’s where PassioHR can help. We offer reliable HR compliance services at a price your company can afford. We have the expertise to handle all your compliance needs so you never have to worry about them. Just enjoy growing your business’ staff and profits.

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HR Compliance Services We Offer

PassioHR is a full-service PEO that offers all the HR compliance services your business will need. We are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of our industry, so we provide HR compliance services you might not even know you need, as well as those you do. From hiring to firing and everything in between, you can count on PassioHR to handle every legal requirement for employing people.

Our comprehensive HR compliance solutions include:

This list is by no means exhaustive. Not sure we provide the compliance solution you need? Please call 303-221-0558 or use our form to ask a question.

EEO-1 reporting is required for companies with 100 employees (50 if you’re a federal contractor) to demonstrate that you’re complying with equal employment opportunity regulations. Sexual harassment training is recommended for all employers and is an important way to protect yourself from liability. FLSA or Fair Labor Standards Act requires you to comply with minimum wage and overtime laws. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires you to provide leave to employees for their own or a family member’s medical condition. EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance) protects you against lawsuits from workers claiming that you’ve violated their legal rights, such as wrongful termination or discrimination.

I-9 forms show that you’re employing only US citizens and non-citizens with valid work visas. We use eVerify to provide this reporting to the US Government. We can do all the above reporting for your new hires as well as ongoing employees. We can also help you provide all employees with the proper tax forms in a timely fashion.

We can provide reporting related to healthcare options, including requirements under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), summary of benefits and Coverage (SBC) for new hires and health plan changes, and wellness program reporting to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

We can help you file OSHA reports, including annual reports and incident reports as necessary.

Finally, we can help you understand what workplace posters you must put up and find a compliant location for them.

Benefits of Working with Outside HR Compliance

There are many good reasons to choose a third-party company for your HR compliance. When you choose PassioHR, you will benefit from:

  • An outside perspective
  • On-demand expertise
  • Comprehensive HR compliance services
  • Scalable solutions
  • Ability to respond to rapid growth
  • Adaptability
  • Affordability

HR compliance demands that you take an objective look at your company, which can sometimes be hard for you or any other member of your company to do. We approach your company from an outside perspective that lets us see your compliance needs objectively.

When you hire internal HR people, you are limited by the skillsets of those individuals. At PassioHR, we have access to an almost bottomless pool of HR talent, and we can put that talent at your service when you need it.

Because of our pool of HR talent, we can offer all the HR compliance services your company needs. We can also scale these solutions to your company’s needs. You can contract for just the amount of HR compliance services you need much easier than you can hire an HR compliance expert for five hours a week.

Scalable solutions let you scale up rapidly. Instead of suddenly needing to hire one or two more HR people when you pass a major reporting milestone (like 100 employees), you can simply contact us and we will begin assisting you with the new requirements.

Our breadth of expertise lets us help you adapt to new situations, such as providing new benefits, expanding to new locations, or changing to new working conditions. We aren’t stuck in your old business model: we provide services relevant to your business as it exists now.

With all the above benefits, you might think that PassioHR would be expensive. However, the truth is that our efficient approach to HR compliance means that you never pay for more than you need. That helps you improve your bottom line.

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Why Choose PassioHR

PassioHR utilizes a unique approach to HR compliance. With our Elevated Engagement Plus® Approach, we can help you reach your goals faster.

As part of this unique approach, we take the time to get to know your company and its needs. This lets us understand what’s truly important to your bottom line. However, we never lose our objective stance as outside observers, which helps us keep you in good standing with Federal and State regulators.

We also key into the things that really matter for you and your employees. We can help you keep all your people (including you) passionate about what you do. We’ll help you manage the costs of employment and keep you ahead of legal requirements and technological changes so that your HR needs never interfere with your ability to stay competitive in a constantly changing marketplace.

Want to get ahead of the complications of HR compliance? Please use our contact form to get in touch with us today, and PassioHR will take these concerns away.

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