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In today’s working world there’s a rising emphasis on choosing not just the qualified person, but the RIGHT qualified person for the job. It’s not enough to know your candidate can perform the tasks required of them. It has to be the right personality fit, too. “Fit” is the name of the game these days, and there’s more to knowing who your missing piece is than checking off the boxes on a required skills list.

From talent acquisition to salary negotiation and beyond, we can help with a bird’s eye view on the whole puzzle and an expert take on just what angles the missing piece needs to fit just right.

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Talent Acquisition, Simplified

We help identify the core values, personality types, and skills needed for the position and create the perfect set of tools to attract those candidates and only those candidates who align with all three. When it comes down to it, hard skills are no longer enough to sign the dotted line on the employee contract. You need to know the people you’re hiring can get the job done and vibe well with the rest of the your staff.

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Culture fit screening for your best candidates

Digging even deeper on that “right fit” equation, we help execute culture fit screenings to make sure the people you hire are the kind of people who will thrive on your team and in turn help your business thrive. After a complete need analysis is conducted, the job description has been written and posted, and potential takers have started rolling in, we roll our sleeves up and help you figure out who is going to be your next star player. We have a proven track record of matching individual personalities to the business personalities that will suit both parties best.

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