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Payroll is undeniably one of the most important factors when it comes to keeping your employees happy and productive. It’s also one of the easiest ways to alienate and disappoint if it’s mismanaged. When it comes to payroll services, we make the process simple for you while making sure it’s comprehensive enough to check all the necessary boxes on time and with outstanding accuracy – just how it should be.

Payroll is an essential part of our Elevated Engagement Plus® Approach. PassioHR can offer simple PEO payroll services, or we can work with you to determine what compensation packages really motivate your employees to make sure the proper balance of salary and benefits gets paid to each employee. This helps them to bring their A-game to work every day, secure in the knowledge that they’re getting the compensation package you promised them.

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Payroll On Time, Every Time

People take payday very seriously (we do, too!) so making sure your employees are getting paid for all their hard work on time, every time, is a crucial key to satisfaction and engagement in the workplace. It seems like a simple thing – maybe a day here or there wouldn’t cause trouble, but most employees build their bill schedules around when they expect to have the most money in the bank, so a missed day could be detrimental to their monthly finances. Our payroll services are handled expertly so no one ever misses a check or deposit.

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Accurate and Easy Payroll

Eliminate the unnecessary headache of second guessing your payroll provider with our transparent, simplified process. You’ve got more important items to handle, so trust us and receive the benefit of accurate, easy payroll you can count on to be right every time.

We have extensive expertise in all aspects of the payroll process and can handle it all for you seamlessly. We pride ourselves on being able to handle every piece of the puzzle and understanding where they all fit together, including:

Have a special payroll situation that your current payroll solution can’t manage? Let us give it a try. Feel free to call us at 303-221-0558 to tell us your situation and get a quote.

Why Choose a PEO Over Payroll Services

If payroll is the main HR function you are looking to outsource, you might consider payroll services. However, there are benefits to choosing a PEO (professional employer organization) to handle payroll and other services.

Payroll services can handle all your payroll paperwork, but they don’t help with the complicated HR decisions that go into actually deciding on compensation packages.  Payroll services do what they must in terms of tax compliance, but will leave you holding the bag if there are compliance problems.

Because a PEO can help with HR consulting, benefits packages and more, it can help you build your compensation packages so that they are appealing to your employees and improve employee engagement. A PEO can even help you offer better benefits packages at a lower cost. A PEO helps you shoulder the burden of tax compliance. They help you avoid the problems of failing to meet IRS requirements. If there are problems, a PEO will take some responsibility.

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PassioHR Can Help You Deal with Growing Pains

Payroll is one of the first places a company starts to feel growing pains. As payroll becomes more complicated and takes up too much time, you might start looking for a payroll solution. However, payroll is only one of many HR-related issues that your company will have to contend with as it gets larger.

Why hand payroll over to a simple contractor when you can work with PassioHR – a full-service PEO that can help you resolve all manner of HR-related problems? Even if you just need payroll now, you can start with that service, adding more on later as necessary. Our comprehensive PEO services include:

Our Elevated Engagement Plus® Approach works best when we can incorporate many of these diverse elements into a unified plan that everyone appreciates. You, your managers, and, especially, you employees will be happy with PassioHR’s deft handling of all HR issues.

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