10 Reasons to Hire an HR Consultant

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As your company grows, you will most likely find that you have more complicated HR concerns. At some point, you may need to consider whether it’s time to hire someone to handle HR.

By the time this question occurs to most small businesses, it’s actually overdue. Your business needs someone dedicated to handling HR, and here are 10 reasons why you should hire a human resources consultant to ensure these needs are met properly.

Save Time

If you don’t have a dedicated HR person, the HR work is being done by someone else in addition to their other job responsibilities. Whether that’s you or someone else in your organization, the odds are good that their other role is suffering.

Offloading human resources work to an HR consultant gives you or your other employees more time to do their main jobs. This is invaluable because time is likely your most limited resource.

Keep Focused

Doing HR work doesn’t just take time, it takes focus. Switching gears to deal with HR problems takes mental effort that would be better spent learning and improving your ability to achieve your core business goals.

Plus, some human resources problems can seem impossible to solve – especially if you don’t have HR experience – which can cause you to lose a lot of time worrying about them when you should be focused on a more central problem. Handing these off to a human resources consultant will make you a more effective leader.

Better Serve Employees’ Needs

human resources consultant receiving employee feedbackAn HR consultant has a significant advantage over having employees do HR as a side job: they know what they’re doing. Because a human resources consultant is an expert, they can meet your employees’ needs promptly and with minimum difficulty.

Plus, some employees will find it easier to talk to a dedicated HR person rather than bothering company leadership about what they see as a “personal problem.”

Save Money

We know that it seems like an expense, but an HR consultant can be a big money saver for your business.

When you compare the cost of a human resources consultant against the time it saves you – and the amount of revenue you can generate in that time – you’ll see that it can significantly improve your revenue.

In terms of cost, an HR consultant is often a better choice than a dedicated HR person. An HR consultant is a better choice when you don’t need a full 40 hours of HR work each week. You just pay for the actual hours of HR work that you need. Plus, it’s fully scalable and expandable. Need 55 hours a week while reorganizing, then only 20 hours a week for business as usual? That’s a lot more affordable with an HR consultant than hiring an extra HR employee, then letting that person go once you no longer need the additional assistance.

Improve Hiring

Speaking of hiring, a human resources consultant can improve your hiring procedures. They can also do it however you feel is best for your company. They can conduct the recruiting process, or simply write guidelines and coordinate schedules between your employees and job candidates.

Streamline Training

Hiring is expensive in part because your new hires can’t hit the ground running. A poorly designed training process can take a long time and/or fail to communicate the most important information. An HR consultant can help you design a training process that communicates maximum information in minimum time, so your new hires are ready sooner.

Promote the Right People

excited employee receives a promotion recommended by an HR consultantA human resources consultant can help you not just hire the right people, but also promote the right people. They can help you identify the people who are not just good at their current job, but also those that will be good at their new position.

Protect Your Company

An HR consultant can perform a powerful protective role at your company. When it comes to legal compliance, what you don’t know can very much hurt you. A human resources consultant understands HR compliance requirements and can help you avoid running afoul of them.

An HR consultant also gives your employees someone to talk to who is outside the organization. This can make it easier for them to report problems with employees, including those they might perceive as being close to you or otherwise high in authority. Simply having this communication channel can reduce your company’s liability, and acting on reports that come to your HR consultant can protect you from lawsuits that might bankrupt the company.

Improve Engagement

A responsive HR consultant that gives your employees what they need, helps you bring in and promote the right people, and deals with complaints will all help to improve your employees’ job satisfaction. This will help employees stay engaged so you can improve retention and get the most out of your valuable employees.

Let Someone Else Be the “Bad Guy”

Sometimes your company has to take negative action against an employee. They might have to reprimand, discipline, or fire an employee. Letting the HR consultant take the lead in those situations lets you retain a positive image among your employees.

Choose PassioHR for HR Consulting

PassioHR is a full-service PEO that utilizes an exclusive Elevated Engagement Plus®Approach to improve the HR consulting we provide to our clients. As part of our unique approach, we listen carefully to you in order to understand your specific challenges and business goals. We’ll get to know your workforce dynamic in order to create a customized program that helps elevate the success of your business.

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