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You know your company needs help with human resources (HR). Benefits, recruiting, payroll, engagement, and more – you can’t handle it all anymore. What can you do, though? You can’t afford to maintain an HR department. That’s where PassioHR’s Dallas PEO services can help. We can make sure your employees get all the services an HR department provides, you get these tasks off your desk, and it’s less expensive than maintaining an HR department. With our sliding cost scale, we can make sure you get the services you need for a price you can afford.  

We can provide PEO services convenient to companies across the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Whether you’re downtown, along the Trinity River, or in suburbs like Irving or Mesquite, we can help. We can even help with engagement when your employees don’t share a physical office, thanks to our innovative HR approach. To learn how PassioHR can help your company expand, profit, and provide for its employees, please contact us today.  

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Get Affordable Services from an Innovative PEO Company in Dallas

Large corporations often use their size to their advantage when competing to attract and retain top talent. Because of their economies of scale, they can offer better benefits more affordably.  

PassioHR’s innovative approach to PEO services can level the playing field between you and these large corporations. Plus, we use our Elevated Engagement Plus Approach™ to make sure we retain your company’s unique culture. We can help your company maximize productivity, recruitment, and retention with: 

You’ll get everything a full HR department could provide, except the overhead. Let us show you how you can take care of your employees at a fraction of the cost.  

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Everything depends on getting the right people for your company. You want to make sure they have the talent, the training, and the experience to do the job. Plus, you want to make sure they fit your company’s culture. PassioHR can help you avoid the costly mistake of hiring the wrong person for your company. We handle the entire process, from writing the position description to advertising to interviewing to salary negotiations. We can make sure everything gets done smoothly – while you and your other employees focus on what they’re good it.  

Employee Engagement

Once people enter your company, you need to make sure they stay engaged. This keeps them productive and helps you get the most out of them as a team. At PassioHR, our exclusive Elevated Engagement Plus Approach™ is a cost-effective approach to employee engagement. We take the time to listen to your employees and figure out what really matters to them. Then we help you align their goals with yours and ensure you give them what they’re really asking you for. You’ll reach your goals much faster when everyone is moving in the same direction.  

Payroll Services

We know you’re more to your employees than just a paycheck, but you still have to make sure everyone is getting their paycheck. Our advanced approach to payroll makes it simple to handle even the most complicated payment system. We handle wages, taxes, bonuses, deductions, and more – dramatically reducing the time you must spend on payroll. But you’ll still be engaged: we report everything to you in real time, so you always know your people are getting paid.  

HR Consulting

Every person is their own private mystery, and we understand that not everyone can solve this type of mystery. That’s why we offer consulting services to help you work through personnel problems and keep your team working productively together. We know when to lighten a situation with humor and when to get serious. Whether you need help with a focused problem or are looking for full-time consulting services, PassioHR can help.  

HR Compliance 

Labor regulations are incredibly complex and getting more complex all the time. It can be hard to make sure your hiring, retention, and termination strategies are done in ways that keep you out of legal trouble. That’s where PassioHR can help. We are dedicated to understanding the details of HR rules. We not only understand the current rules but are future-focused and help you anticipate upcoming changes so you can avoid problems before they become an issue.  

Employee Benefits 

Benefits are important not just to your employees, but to your company. The right benefits package helps attract and retain employees that give your company the tools to succeed profitably. PassioHR can help you figure out the benefits you’re legally required to offer (if any) as well as those benefits that matter most to your employees, so you help them feel welcome and valued at your company.  

401(K) Retirement Programs

As much as they might love their jobs, the odds are that none of your employees wants to keep doing it forever. They want to be able to retire, and you can help them prepare for retirement with a 401(K) Retirement Program. It’s easy for them, and it’s easy for you, too, because PassioHR can handle it all. We’ll educate your employees about the program, including their legal contribution and distribution limits, and then handle all the payroll aspects of deductions, matching contributions, and more.  

Why Choose PassioHR for PEO Services in Dallas

At PassioHR, your people are our passion. We’re dedicated to taking care of them the way you always have so that our efficiency never means losing the personal touch that makes your company special.  

PassioHR can free up your time and energy by taking all the HR functions off your task list. We can do everything a full HR department can but at a fraction of the cost. We are dedicated to making our services affordable, too, with a sliding fee schedule that adjusts relative to your company’s revenue.  

How can we combine efficiency and personal service? It’s thanks to our Elevated Engagement Plus Approach™. We take the time to study your company to understand both your culture and your personnel dynamics. We listen to you and your employees to understand your strengths, challenges, and goals. Then we design a custom HR services package to maximize your strengths, overcome your challenges, and achieve your goals. This might include employee engagement, improved communication, results tracking, risk management, and other services that your company needs—and nothing more.  

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