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Whether you’re the owner or manager of a small business in Houston (and especially if you’re both), there aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of all your responsibilities. You need to find a better way to handle HR tasks, which aren’t your strength, anyway, while giving your employees more benefits and better service. At PassioHR, we can help you do all of that and more – at a cost your company can afford.  

With our innovative approach to PEO services, PassioHR is the Houston PEO company that can let you offer all the benefits and services of a full HR department at a fraction of the cost. With our sliding cost scale, we help you offer the benefits your employees demand within your company’s budget. And with our exclusive Elevated Engagement Plus Approach™, we help you care for, support, and inspire your employees. Please contact us today to learn how our custom HR services can help take your company to the next level.  

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Attractive, Affordable, Effective PEO Services in Houston

In order to recruit and retain the talent your small business needs, you must offer benefits packages competitive with those offered by large corporations. Unfortunately, large companies benefit from economies of scale, which lets them offer these benefits at a price they can afford. A small business on its own often can’t do the same. That’s where PassioHR can help. We make it easier for your company to afford competitive benefits packages, as well as a suite of HR services that helps you promote and maintain your company’s unique culture.  

At PassioHR, your people are our passion, and we help you engage your employees in deep and meaningful ways that encourage them to work hard, innovate, and stay to help build your company.  

Among the PEO services we offer are: 

With PassioHR, you can offer all the services of a full HR department at a fraction of the cost. Our customized, innovative approach to HR helps your company punch above its weight in terms of benefits and retention.  

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Your new hires are the foundation on which you will build the future of your company. It’s important to make sure that they have what it takes to help you fulfill your vision. At PassioHR, we know how to identify, attract, and hire people who not only have the training, talent, and experience you need, but also have the passion to join your company’s unique culture. We can handle the entire hiring process, including talent acquisition, salary negotiation, position descriptions, screenings, offer letters, and more.  

HR Consulting

As you build your team, you will face conflicts and problems. Some of these are simple growing pains, but others need attention. At PassioHR, we can help you tell the difference. We are HR experts, and we know just how to handle conflicts when they arise, using compassion, compromise, and just the right amount of humor to help everyone feel heard and appreciated. Whether you need a one-time consultation or full-time engagement, PassioHR can help you solve all your HR problems.  

HR Compliance

New labor laws mean you have responsibilities to potential employees even before you hire them. PassioHR understands how this complex web of laws works, and we can help you live up to your legal obligations while maintaining your personal compassion and morality. Plus, our forward-looking approach helps you to anticipate upcoming changes to requirements, so you’re never taken by surprise.  

Employee Engagement

Once someone joins your team, engagement is a critical way to ensure they live up to the potential that you saw in hiring them. PassioHR can help you achieve this with our exclusive Elevated Engagement Plus Approach™. With this approach, we take the time to discover the essence of your company culture. Then we listen to your employees’ descriptions of their own goals and aspirations. We take this information and use it to align employees and entrepreneurs in a single focus. This makes sure everyone is working toward the same ends, which improves productivity and retention.  

Payroll Services

We know that you want to be more than just a paycheck to your employees, but without that check they wouldn’t be your employees very long. While handling payment can be time-consuming for you, PassioHR uses advanced technology to simplify the payroll process. We can handle even complicated payrolls affordably and efficiently so your employees can always count on their checks coming on time. Plus, our real time reporting gives you peace of mind that it’s being handled.  

Employee Benefits

Benefits are more than just an extension of salary. They are an important way for you to show your employees that you care about them (and their families). It’s important to offer the right benefits package to attract and retain the right people for your company, without setting yourself up to pay more than you can afford. PassioHR can help you select the right benefits package that efficiently communicates care to your employees.  

401(K) Retirement Programs

Even if your employees love working at your company, they’re going to want to retire someday. If you want to keep them around long-term, it’s important to help them plan for that someday. 401(K) retirement programs are a great way to do this. These make it easy for employees to save, and for you to contribute to their retirement. Best of all, PassioHR can administer the program at all stages. We can reach out to your employees, letting them know how the program works, including their legal benefits and restrictions. And we can easily add the deductions and matching contributions to our payroll services.  

Why Choose PassioHR as Your Houston PEO Company

PassioHR understands that now is a critical time for your company. Maybe you are considering offering benefits for the first time. Or maybe the company has grown to the point where you just can’t handle the burden of HR on top of all the other demands on your time. Or maybe you’re trying to attract the talent necessary to take the next big step in your company’s growth.  

Whatever HR challenges you’re facing right now, PassioHR can help, and we do it in a way that protects and promotes your company’s unique culture. We design custom HR services specifically for your company and its needs. We want to make sure your employees are taken care of, and with our sliding cost scale, we do it at a price your company can afford.  

We go beyond the basics of benefits and payroll with our exclusive Elevated Engagement Plus Approach™. We take the time to understand the current workforce dynamics of your company’s culture, including your major strengths and challenges. Then we design an HR package that promotes your strengths and addresses the challenges to help your employees’ individual success build the success of your company as a whole.  

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