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Are you looking for an efficient way to show your employees how much you care for them? Do you want to be able to compete with large corporations for hiring and retaining the best talent? Do you want the services of a full HR department, but can’t afford one right now? At PassioHR, your people are our passion. As your Phoenix PEO services company, we can offer them attractive, robust benefits and engagement packages that will attract new hires. We can even conduct the search to help you find your next great employee, identifying those that will be best for your corporate culture. We also provide employee retention services, including fostering a corporate culture that inspires productivity and commitment.  

With our powerful virtual services, we can be wherever you need us to be, whether in downtown Phoenix, Surprise, AZ or anywhere in between. To learn more about the benefits of Phoenix PEO Services from PassioHR, please contact us today to learn how our innovative HR approach can benefit your employees and your budget.  

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Affordable and Effective PEO Services in Phoenix

Large corporations utilize their economies of scale to offer enticing benefits in the hopes that they can lure the best talent. Don’t let them bully you around. Our innovative approach to PEO services lets you offer benefits comparable to large corporations, at a rate that fits in your budget. With great benefits backing you up, your unique and personal corporate culture can give you a competitive advantage for acquiring and keeping the best talent in your industry. 

Our Comprehensive Approach

These days, people aren’t just looking for jobs that issue them a paycheck. They want a job that makes them feel fulfilled and helps them care for their families. That’s why our comprehensive approach to PEO services includes: 

With our PEO services, you can get everything you’d get from a dedicated HR department –except the overhead. We offer customized services for your company that are efficiently personal.  

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HR Consulting

When people work together well, their productivity can soar. However, when there’s a problem, the result can be friction that not only costs your company money, it can lead to legal difficulties. At PassioHR, we have experience making rough patches smooth. We know when to de-escalate a situation with humor and when to be serious. Whether you’re looking for one-time advice or ongoing engagement on a full-time basis, PassioHR can use our tact, talent, and expertise to design a solution that’s perfect for the happiness and productivity of your team. 

Employee Engagement

Nobody wants to spend nearly a third of their life just marking time at a place they hate. PassioHR’s Elevated Engagement Plus Approach™ helps you create a business culture that draws people in and encourages them to adopt your company goals. We start by taking the time to listen and understand the needs, wants, and aspirations that motivate your employees. Then we help everyone commit to a set of goals that will drive the company to new levels of productivity, innovation, and success.  


Unless you’re an expert, recruitment can be expensive, inefficient, and frustrating. If you’re not a dedicated HR person, it can be especially challenging to find people with the talent, training, and experience you need. Plus, you might not know how to tell whether that candidate who looks good on paper is going to be a good match for your corporate culture or a persistent thorn in your side. Let PassioHR take the burden out of recruitment for you. We can do all the stages of the search: job description and advertising, talent acquisition, salary negotiations, screenings, offer letters, and more. We let you and your people focus on your main job while we handle all the additional hiring.  

HR Compliance

The legal requirements associated with employees just keep getting more complex. It is literally a full-time job to keep up with the unending changes. If you don’t have the space in your budget for someone dedicated to HR regulations full-time, let PassioHR take this weight off your shoulders. With our forward-looking approach, we’ll let you know about requirements before they become a problem. You’ll swear we have a crystal ball in our office, though we assure you, our approach to HR is merely methodical, not magical. 

Employee Benefits

Benefits are more than just an insurance package to your employees, it’s a language of love, showing your people that you really care about them. Our Elevated Engagement Plus Approach™ lets us help you figure out the best way to show employees you care. That way, you can attract and retain the right kind of people for your company’s unique culture.  

Payroll Services

These days, a career is more than a paycheck to most people, but that paycheck is still pretty darn important. If you’ve ever missed a paycheck in the past, you know what kind of mutiny stirs in your otherwise well-contented crew. With our advanced payroll technology, PassioHR can easily process even the most complicated payroll requirements with ease. We also report everything in real-time, so you know you’ll never be hanging from the yardarm. 

401(K) Retirement Programs

Our employee engagement programs are amazing, but even they can’t convince your employees that they never want to retire. Sorry, we’ll keep working on it – but in the meantime, we can help your employees prepare for retirement with a 401(K) retirement plan. This is the easiest way for your employees to prepare for retirement, and it’s even easier for you because we can handle it all. We will educate employees about the program, including their options and legal requirements, and then handle all the paycheck deductions and matching contributions effortlessly.  

Take Care of Your Employees

We know that you’ve always loved being able to handle all your employees’ needs yourselves. They are like your family, and you want to make sure they’re taken care of. With PassioHR, they will be.  

Why Choose PassioHR as Your Phoenix PEO Company

PassioHR is a PEO company designed just for business owners and managers like you. We know how to free up your time and energy while maintaining the personal touch that has always made your company a great place to work. Plus, we can handle all the functions of an in-house HR department, but at a fraction of the cost. How small a fraction? That depends on you – we offer a sliding fee schedule that scales to the size of your company. 

We are so dedicated to helping your company maintain its personnel and its culture, that we utilize a unique Elevated Engagement Plus Approach™ to create a comprehensive, effective, and efficient HR solution customized to your company. We start by taking the time to understand your company’s goals and current challenges. Next, we learn about the workforce dynamic and company culture that you’ve built up. Then we take all we’ve learned and use it to design an HR solution just for you, which can encompass employee engagement, improved communication, risk management, results tracking, and anything else you might need to take your company to the next level.