6 Benefits of Using the DiSC Assessment at Your Company

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In your personal life, you have the ability to seek out other people who share your values, beliefs and interests. In the work world, you’re often in situations where you must collaborate with individuals who come from very different backgrounds and possess entirely different sets of beliefs than you. Bringing such a disparate group of people together to create a harmonious and productive work environment can be a serious challenge for many companies. However, the ability to accomplish this is critical to the success of any organization.

One of the best ways to foster good working relationships among your team is to understand their personalities and how they communicate with others. By using the DiSC assessment during your hiring process, you can be more confident that you’re choosing applicants who share the values and work ethic of your team.

The DiSC assessment is a particularly effective tool because it focuses on interpersonal relationships and communication styles, whereas many similar assessments focus on how people process information. If your goal is to cultivate a positive and collaborative working environment for your team, then understanding how they interact and communicate with others is essential. By using the DiSC assessment, you arm yourself with as much information on this subject as possible, allowing you to build a company culture that aligns with your core values.

What Is the DiSC Assessment?

aligning team members based on DiSC profilesThe DiSC assessment is used by many companies to better understand the values and behaviors of job applicants. The results of this assessment can be a powerful tool to help improve communication, team building and productivity in your work environment.

This assessment consists of 28 groups of four questions. It can typically be completed in 10-15 minutes at most, and the responses provided allow you to dive deeper into the individual’s core values and communication traits to understand how they will work most effectively as part of your team.

DiSC is an acronym representing the four primary personality traits being assessed:

In most instances, people will exhibit elements of all four personality types. However, certain traits will generally manifest as more dominant than others. The purpose of this assessment is to identify which of these four traits are most dominant in a person’s personality, while giving you a complete enough profile to understand how to leverage the other less dominant elements of their personality to bring out their best in your work environment.

It’s important to remember that the DiSC doesn’t assess any skills that may be required to perform the job for which you are hiring. Therefore, you should consider the DiSC one of several assessments that may need to be administered to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses a particular candidate possesses.

Why Should I Use the DiSC Assessment with My Hiring Process?

Using the DiSC assessment as part of your hiring process will deliver a variety of important benefits:

More Effective Recruiting

You have a greater ability to understand the nuanced personality traits of candidates for a job position. This provides enhanced insight that can help you identify the right person for the role. For example, if you’re trying to fill a position with leadership responsibilities, a candidate who has a predominantly D personality type may be a better fit than someone with a C or S personality type.

Improved Team Building Ability

using the DiSC assessment for effective team buildingThe DiSC helps you understand how the different personality styles of your employees will work together. When your managers and supervisors have a deeper insight into the ways in which their team members communicate and build relationships with each other, it allows them to group individuals with complementary profiles together on projects. This can improve collaboration, increase productivity and lead to better overall results.

Improved Ability to Identify the Right Roles for Team Members

You’ll have access to important personality trait information that may indicate which team members will thrive in specific settings. For example, you’ll be able to identify employees who are ideally suited for working alone on long-term projects, and which team members will excel in a more collaborative atmosphere.

More Effective Team Communication

Your leadership team will have a better understanding of each employee’s communication style. This can help them facilitate more constructive and productive interactions between team members, rather than struggling to manage conflicts that arise when individuals don’t understand the different ways they communicate.

Facilitates Better Professional Growth

When your leadership team understands their own personality style as well as the style of their team members, your managers will have greater insight into the types of strategies and training methods that each team member will respond best to. This can foster an environment that facilitates greater professional growth for your employees.

Improved Ability to Motivate Employees

When you know the dominant personality traits for each employee on your team, you will have a better understanding of the types of motivational techniques that will resonate with them. This helps you customize your motivational processes to more effectively get the best out of each member of your team.

PassioHR Can Help You Leverage the Benefits of Your DiSC Profile Assessments

The DiSC assessment provides valuable information that can foster a more productive, cohesive working environment. But this information is only useful to your company if you understand how to use it. At PassioHR, we can help you leverage this data to create a more successful team.

Our HR consultants typically use DiSC profile assessments to assist in your recruiting, hiring and onboarding process. We also use this information to provide customized employee engagement recommendations that will help your team thrive.

You’ll benefit from our unique Elevated Engagement Plus® Approach which is focused on enabling you to create a more successful and inspired organization. We take the time to understand your unique workforce dynamic and any challenges you may be facing. This background information will help us develop a customized program that allows you to achieve your goals. We will then use the DiSC information to provide enhanced recommendations that ensure all current and future team members are aligned with your company’s culture and values.

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