Maintaining Employee Morale After Returning to the Office

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We’re finally moving into a post-pandemic world. Events that had been canceled or put on hold for nearly two years are once again moving forward. Travel is slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels. Social gatherings are once again occurring without fear of becoming “super spreader events.” Many companies have begun bringing employees back into the office.

We are starting to resume normal life, but it is more of a “new normal” than reverting to pre-pandemic life. The past couple of years have provided many people with an extended moment of self-reflection, causing them to re-evaluate what is important to them. As employers bring their team back to the office, it’s critical to account for these shifts in mentality and priorities to avoid a negative impact on employee morale.

Many Workers Are Reporting a Dip in Morale After Returning to the Office

Simply expecting your employees to go back to the office and resume a pre-pandemic work environment isn’t realistic. There is a growing body of research that many workers are experiencing a drop in morale after being brought back to the office.

According to Scientific American, surveys conducted of thousands of employees regarding their preferences for ending remote work yielded the following conclusions:

In addition, a Paychex survey found that 40% of workers reported experiencing low morale after returning to work, compared with only 20% of remote workers. In addition, the survey found that remote workers were:

Your Approach to Returning to the Office Will Determine the Impact on Employee Morale

positive work environment following returning to the officeEmployers who plan on requiring their team to return to the office must acknowledge the potential for this decision to negatively impact morale. Simply expecting a return to the office to go smoothly and be embraced by employees is unrealistic in light of the research that has been conducted. In order to prevent a devastating drop in employee morale, it’s critical to make this transition in a thoughtful manner that addresses the needs and concerns of employees.

The following steps can help you create better buy-in from your team and help maintain high morale:

PassioHR Can Help You Navigate Your Transition Back to the Office

Getting the transition to the office right is critical to maintaining employee morale. Working with an HR consultant who has experience handling these transitions can help you set your team up for success. At PassioHR, we have you covered.

Our Elevated Engagement Plus™ Approach ensures your needs drive the process every step of the way. We’ll take the time to learn about your unique company culture and workforce dynamic in order to identify the ideal approach to maintain optimal employee engagement and morale during your transition back to the office. We’ll help you implement smart policies that set your team up for success, improve employee buy-in to this challenging transition, and make them feel valued throughout the process.

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