The Importance of Hiring to Company Culture

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Hiring decisions are one of the most important tasks you must get right in order for your business to achieve long-term growth and success. Even with an extremely meticulous hiring process, these decisions are often difficult to nail since you only have a limited amount of time to meet with each candidate. Therefore, it’s critical that you prioritize the most important attributes towards company success during your hiring process.

While it’s critical that any candidate you hire possesses the skills and experience necessary to perform the job at a high level, these traits aren’t enough to ensure someone will thrive at your company. It’s also important that you make sure everyone you hire is a good fit with your company culture, as this will often be a greater predictor of future success in their role than the hard skills they possess.

What Is Company Culture?

Your company culture refers to the shared norms and expectations regarding how things are done at your business. Your culture is driven by your company’s purpose, core values and vision. It encompasses a wide range of items including:

Your company culture directly impacts the performance of your team. It plays a major role in whether your employees feel valued, are motivated to put forth their best work, and the level of trust they feel with their superiors. When your employees are a good fit for your company culture, they are more likely to stay longer and elevate the success of your business.

6 Reasons Why Hiring to Company Culture Will Benefit Your Business

There are many benefits you’ll experience when you prioritize hiring to company culture:

How to Hire for Cultural Fit

How to Hire for Cultural Fit

How to Hire for Cultural Fit

In order to ensure you hire candidates who are a good fit for your company culture, you need to embed this into your interview process. It’s a lot easier to assess whether a candidate has the experience and hard skills necessary to be successful in the role – these items should stand out on a resume, and the candidate should be able to easily speak about their strengths and skills during the interview.

But determining whether a candidate possesses the right personality, values and intangibles to fit in with your culture can be more challenging. It requires asking thoughtful interview questions about the candidate’s values, approaches and career aims. If your culture prioritizes teamwork and collaboration, you should also ask specific questions about the ways in which the candidate collaborates with others and how they view their role in relation to a larger team.

You should also pay attention to the questions the candidate asks you during the interview – are they inquiring about your company’s purpose, values, strategy and culture? If so, are the questions in line with the culture you’ve established, or does the candidate seem to be focused on values that are not in alignment with your culture?

Once you’ve hired a candidate, the onboarding process provides another opportunity to indoctrinate the person into your culture. Your onboarding process and initial training should continuously reiterate your company’s mission, values and culture. In addition, the team members responsible for training new employees should communicate tenets of your culture and model these behaviors as part of the training process. This will help new employees understand that your culture is more than lip service; your team actually lives these values each and every day.

PassioHR Can Help You Hire for Cultural Fit

Identifying which candidates are a good fit for your company culture is critical to getting the hiring process right, but it’s also not the only component to a successful hire. You must also make sure the candidate possesses the skills and experience necessary to thrive in the particular role you’re filling. Often, it can be beneficial to have the assistance of a third-party HR consultant who has the training and background to accurately assess the qualifications of candidates. At PassioHR, we have you covered.

We are a full-service PEO company with extensive experience assisting businesses with recruiting and hiring. We can help you manage the entire hiring process, including:

As part of our recruiting services, we’ll conduct a culture fit screening to make sure the candidate you hire possesses the personality and values to thrive in your team and help your business succeed. We have a proven track record of identifying the right candidates who align with the culture of the companies we work with. This background gives you the greatest likelihood of hiring the right candidates.

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