San Antonio PEO Services

San Antonio PEO Services

As a small business owner in San Antonio, you might be at the point where you still know the name of every employee. You also know that it’s time to start offering benefits to your employees, but you don’t know how you’re going to do it. You can’t afford a full HR department, you don’t have time to do it yourself, and, in any case, benefits seem too expensive right now. This is where PassioHR can help. We can offer your company the HR services you need, take duties off your plate, and provide employee benefits, all at a price you can afford. We offer a sliding price scale for services that helps you get the services you need at a price your company can afford.  

PassioHR offers PEO services to your San Antonio business, whether you’re located in Alamo Heights, the Riverwalk, Missions, or any other part of the city. We’re ready to help you with all the HR services you need, from employee engagement to retirement plans. To learn how we can help your company with our innovative approach to HR, please contact us today.  

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PEO Company Services in San Antonio

As your company grows, you need a way to attract the talent you need. Unfortunately, this can be hard when large corporations can offer benefits and salaries you can’t match. Your unique culture helps, but many employees will need benefits to choose your company. That’s where San Antonio PEO company PassioHR can help.  

We have an innovative approach to PEO services that helps you provide for your employees in a cost-effective way. We want to give your people everything they need to want to stay at your company. This includes: 

You’ll get everything you need from an HR department, without the overhead. Your employees will appreciate what you’re doing for them, and it will help them stay productive in their jobs. 

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Employee Benefits

Benefits play an important role in your company long before you’re required to offer them. Benefits help you attract the best talent, and they help you retain the employees you have. For employees, it’s more than just a financial perk, it’s a way to show you care. At PassioHR, we can help you design a cost-effective benefits package that will attract and retain the types of employees that are best for your company.  

Payroll Services

You don’t want to be just a paycheck to your employees. However, you won’t have the opportunity to be anything more if you don’t make sure your employees get paid. At PassioHR, we offer efficient payroll services. Utilizing the latest technology, we can handle the most complex payroll systems in a way that’s simple for you. Plus, our real time reporting ensures you will always know that your employees are getting paid the right amount, right on time, every time.  

401(K) Retirement Programs

You have made your company a great place to work, but even the greatest workplaces have to accept that their employees would like to retire someday. You can make that easier for your employees by offering them a 401(K) retirement program. And PassioHR makes it easier for you by fully administering the program. We will educate employees about the program, including their benefit options and legal limits. Then we can handle the payroll deductions and matching contributions, too.  

Employee Engagement

We know that employee engagement is both vital and difficult to maintain. That’s why PassioHR offers our exclusive Elevated Engagement Plus Approach™. We take the time to understand what your employees are really looking for from you, and help you incorporate their needs, wants, and aspirations into the company mission. When everyone is focused on the same goal, employees are likely to work harder, be more innovative, and stay on board for longer.  

HR Consulting

You started your business doing what you love and what you’re good at. Since you’re here considering our services, we’re guessing that your business is anything but HR. That’s okay. We did start an HR business because we love it and it’s what we’re good at. Our HR consulting services can handle any HR problems, big or small, full time or on a case-by-case basis. Your people are our passion. Let us handle them and give you more time to devote to your passion.  

HR Compliance

Labor laws grow more complicated every year. Complying with their requirements is essentially a full-time job. Since you already have the more-than-full-time job of owner and/or manager, let PassioHR take care of compliance issues. We can help you understand and apply the labor requirements for your company. Plus, our forward-looking approach means that you won’t just be covered for today, you’ll be ready for new requirements as they arise.  


Having a successful company depends, first and foremost, on picking the right people for your team. PassioHR can help you add new team members that have the right talent, training, and experience – and that fit in with your company’s culture. We can handle the entire hiring process:  

It’s like having a sorcerer who conjures the employees you need directly to your office.  

Why Choose PassioHR as Your San Antonio PEO Company

It’s a big decision for your company to offer benefits and HR services to your growing list of employees. You need to do it to take care of your employees, but taking care of your company means you need to do it affordably. That’s where PassioHR can help.  

PassioHR offers efficient HR services with a sliding cost scale. That means you can feel good about giving your employees the benefits they want, and know you’re securing your company’s financial future, too. With payroll, HR consulting, legal compliance, and more, we can take tasks off your plate and worries off your mind.  

At PassioHR, we do more than just handle the practical aspects of HR. With our Elevated Engagement Plus Approach™, we can help inspire passion in your personnel. We take the time to understand your company culture and goals, then design a customized HR program that encompasses everything your employees need, including engagement, benefits, risk management, improved communications, results tracking, and other aspects you need to help your company grow in productivity as well as personnel.  

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